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Sarah & Jim’s Rustic Cow Shed Wedding with Alive Network

Wedding Moodboard with Alive Network

Wedding Moodboard with Alive Network

A stunning barn makeover and details to DIY for! The MacDonald’s get married on a farm, and we’re in love…

How often do you get to dress up and party in a cow shed next to a field of curious cattle? Almost never! With loads of DIY details made by a whole herd of friends and family all mucking in, pics to moooooon over by Andy Griffiths Photography, a moooovingly special humanist wedding ceremony, and an evening party filled with the infectiously happy modern Latin vibes of JukeBossa to get hooves a-stompin’, Sarah and Jim MacDonald fling open the barn doors and invite us to take a sneak peek at how they achieved their udderly gorgeous W-day – you herd it here first! (and we promise, no more cheesy cow-based punnery…!) It’s the most fun you can have in a cow shed. Get your wellies on, and let’s get stuck in!

The Style
Personal, handmade details, BYOB, real ales and a hand-built bar, naturally soft flower stylings, thoughtful touches, and dancing into the night to amazing live music among the hay bales… Sarah laughs as she talks about the style they went for, “Definitely rustic and DIY! Relaxed and fun, chilled, just dead happy – really, really happy!“.

The Setting
Sarah and Jim struggled finding their rustic barn, and were surprised by the costs and restrictions. “The different barns we saw were just insanely priced, really expensive, and the venues were telling us what we had to do – like have a three-course sit down meal and use their suppliers, but we wanted to do a lot of stuff ourselves. We wanted live music, but their restrictions were just shrinking the budget for the stuff we really wanted to spend our money on.” Luckily, Sarah’s Dad suggested a friend’s barn that’s free in the summer time, when the cows go out to pasture. “It really was just a cow shed. But when we stood inside it, we realised it was amazing in terms of the space and the possibilities.

The Evening Party
JukeBossa… were the first thing that we booked, because it was really important – we had to have good music!” Sarah and Jim spent a lot of time falling in love with their party band, JukeBossa. In fact, they fell so in love with the band’s version of their first dance song, I Can’t Feel My Face by The Weeknd, they now prefer it to the original! “What attracted us to JukeBossa in the first place was that we wanted something a bit different. We heard their version of I Can’t Feel My Face, and we just loved it, and we kept going back to them all the time. They were the first thing that we booked, because it was really important – we had to have good music!”

We really wanted the band to do our first dance, and it just seemed like a good introduction to them. The way they start it off is amazing… quite ‘big band-y’ and slow, and then the chorus is quite fast, so it’s not an awkward first dance, you can mess about and have fun. About halfway in, there’s a part where we could get everyone to come up and dance with us – then it was fast and played in their really happy, infectious Latin sound. It was perfect, it was so good!

The Band
When we were thinking about the first dance, Danielle from JukeBossa was really helpful. We spoke over the phone and she sent me little sound bites from their rehearsals, of another song that we’d also thought about (Beyoncé’s Love On Top). “We hoped everyone would like JukeBossa… It was really funny because we left to have some photos taken in the amazing sunset, and when we came back in, everyone was really merry, the dancefloor was packed, and people were just chanting, ‘one more song!’ One person was shouting ‘TEN more songs!’ It was just hilarious!

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